Hello Everyone !

Today we are sharing some details on a project that we completed last week !

To all of you board game lovers have you every found yourself wondering where to store all those games?? Well Store My Board Games heard you and they created the perfect shelving system to store all your favorite games !!


This campaign exceeded the initial goal of $25,000 ! Indeed, a total of 3,650 Backers pledged a total amount of $905,442!

Don’t settle for bookshelves. The first made-for-board-games shelving system is here. Modular. Adjustable. Metallic. Custom colors.

BoxThrone is a modular shelving system that lets you store every game flat. Games slide out with ease, and stand tall in gorgeous, eye-catching displays.

No more storing board games sideways. No more boxes drifting open and pieces jumbling out of their inserts. No more wiggling games from the bottom of the stack. No more landslides as you pull games from the bottom.  

If you missed the Kickstarter campaign, don’t you worry you can still find it here!

If you experience any issue with your order, please feel free to reach out to us here.

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