FAQ for Business

Here are a few answers about our warehousing, shipping and general processes.
Feel free to contact us with our contact form!

Before the project

No! We also do ongoing fulfillment. Feel free to contact us with our contact form if you’re interested by our services but not sure if we can handle it.

Just send us the information you have with our contact form. If you know weight and dimension of your products, we’ll be able to offer you pretty precise estimates.

Please notice that in January of each year, carriers adjust their rates and we might adjust our rates accordingly.

Not really, we’re OK with any quantities.

Yes. If it’s only a few orders, we can easily ship worldwide with Canada Post. Their partner in US is renowned USPS.

For a whole campaign, we can manage dispatch of your orders to a competent fulfillment center in US we are used to working with. Again, contact us with our contact form for more details. 😉

Packaging & Shipping

We require a product list indicating, for every product, a name and a unique SKU label.

However, in order to offer you the best service, we recommend that you inform us of weight, dimensions, product cost and value (mrsp) too.

We ask to receive product and order/backer lists one week before shipment arrival, so that we can verify the data and prepare ourselves.

Once lists are checked, we are able to make a precise estimate cost. We then ask for a down payment.

Once shipment and payment received, we start working! In general, picking, packing and shipping will be as short as a couple of days for a standard campaign (under 200 orders or so).

Once shipped, the orders are delivered by Canada Post in 1 to 7 business days, depending on the destination.

We take in charge Canadian custom/VAT taxes clearing, through our custom broker, and this cost is included in our rate.

It means that our deliveries to Canadian backers are definitely “Canada friendly”, as they won’t have any custom tax to pay to the carrier (as it could be the case if their package was shipped from abroad).

Yes, you should send us 5 to 10% more product than you have orders. This will help us to account for any damages, loss, shipping errors (unfortunately… it happens), or any re-shipments that need to go out.

At the end of the campaign, leftover products can be stocked, or sent back to you or any other destination. It’s up to you.

Any hazardous and/or banned and/or dangerous and/or prohibited for carriage.

Customer Support & Backer Questions

Each backer will receive automatically an email with their tracking information, as given by our carrier.

You, as our client, have access to the tracking information for every of your backers.

Yes! Your backers can contact us via our website contact form. We’ll handle customer support during your crowdfunding campaign for all returns, exchanges, address corrections etc.

We can handle all returns and exchanges.

Any re-shipment required due to our error will be provided at no charge. Re-shipments due to address error or anything else beyond our control will be charged.

Wire transfer is preferred. We also accept PayPal but we ask for a little fee for that.