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We know it’s end of November, rain is pouring, it’s dark at 4:30pm (don’t forget your vitamin D!) and most of us are in some sort of a lockdown but eh today we have some great stuff to share !

This past Monday, our team completed another quite IMPRESSIVE campaign from our great partner Awaken Realms ! We love what they do (look at this design!) and we are thrilled that all those games are on their way to the 600+ Canadian Backers ! Learn more about their new game below

Etherfields by Awaken Realms

This campaign exceeded the initial goal of £40,000 ! Indeed, a total of 41,939 Backers pledged a total amount of £4,940,030.

Tainted Grail is a new major board game from Awaken Realms, offering an immersive co-op/solo experience for 1-4 players. Illustrated with over 1,000 pieces of unique, stylish art, it will take you on a fantastic adventure set in a dark reimagination of the Arthurian legends.

Designed by Krzysztof Piskorski (one of the most well-known Polish fantasy writers) and Marcin Świerkot (owner of Awaken Realms, developer of Lords of Hellas, Nemesis, The Edge: Dawnfall), Tainted Grail will bring you adventure, survival and exploration mechanics perfectly paired with character development and exciting combat and diplomatic systems.

If you missed the Kickstarter campaign, don’t worry you can still get it here.

If you experience any issue with your order, please to reach out to us here.

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