Our offer

Shipping your crowdfunding project

Let’s say you have developed a crowdfunding project, and now you need to ensure a delivery campaign in Canada? Congratulations!
No matter how many orders you have, we are here to finish your work in style.

For a simple and predictable fee, we take care of receiving, preparing and shipping your orders to your Canadian backers, in a transparent
and fast way, ensuring you offer the best possible service.

Our offer includes :

  • a fast and flexible implementation of your project;
  • management of customs clearing;
  • receiving and checking shipments;
  • preparation and packing of orders in the best possible packaging – regardless of the size, weight and number of items in your orders;
  • in this process, we are proud to reduce our use of plastic, by using recycled and biodegradable materials wherever possible;
  • reliable and fast delivery in Canada with Canada Post, the largest Canadian postal service (and the only one to deliver PO Boxes) – backers will receive their tracking number by email;
  • reply to every request coming from backers, in English and French;
  • management of returns and re-shipments (when a parcel has been sent to the wrong address, arrived damaged or is lost);


  • setting up our extranet for your company, allowing you to follow the situation of your stock and your orders;
  • communication on social media about your campaign shipping progress.

Once everything’s done, we will provide you with an inventory of the remaining stock, and offer temporary storage of your products in order to be able to ship possible new orders and provide customer service to your backers.


Once your initial shipping campaign is done, we store your products and ship them as you sell them, regardless of quantities.

To do so, we will offer the possibility to create orders from our extranet. A set of APIs will soon allow you to connect your system, or your Shopify account, to our system in order to transfer these orders very easily.

Our rates

Our rate is simple and predictable. It depends primarily on package weight and… that’s pretty much all. It is a flat rate, so it is the same regardless of the destination in Canada.

You’ll find below a few examples:

weightour rate
less than 0.5 kg $12.85 USD
between 1 and 1.5 kg $14.95 USD
between 2.5 and 3 kg $18.10 USD

For particularly large and light packages (like empty boxes), we use the “volumetric weight” as calculated by carriers, namely Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Height (cm) / 5000.

We’re also able to consider special rates based on number of orders. Please contact us to have more details. In any case, we’ll be happy to make a free estimate for your project.

Additional Services

Here are some of the additional services we offer.

Before the shipping phase itself, if your shipment comes from the US, we are able to receive it in our US gateway warehouse in Buffalo, NY. From there, we can handle customs clearing and last transfer to Toronto.

We can also receive and unload in our own warehouse non-palletized containers, if that’s what you need.

After your shipping campaign has been completed, we offer several options to manage the remaining inventory. Stock can be held for future orders, re-shipped to any address of your choice, purchased by us at a destocking rate, donated to a charitable organization, or even destroyed. You decide.

Methods of payment

A deposit will be requested upon receipt of your products.

As our rates are in US dollar, Canadian customers are charged according to the USD-CAD exchange rate in effect on the date of the invoice.