Fulfillment center for business

Partner with a reliable, flexible and easy to work with fulfillment center to fulfill your orders in Canada!

Receipt of goods
We can handle shipment from the factory to our warehouse as well as customs related paperwork when applicable.
We will control the quality of goods received!

We will carefully  pick skus in our Mississauga warehouse.
We can handle any request. Whatever the number of sku – we do it all!

We use high quality boxes along with biodegradable packing peanuts that will ensure protection of the products we ship while being eco-friendly!

We partner with major carriers in Canada that
Guarantee delivery delays
– Offer insurance on goods (subject to max)
– Provide tracking numbers
– Offer daily pick ups

Customer Service
We strive to offer top notch customer service in English and French.
We answer all customers inquiry within 48h max aiming for 70% within 24h and will handle any issue related to the order.
We use a HelpDesk Management software to efficiently

With the space available in our warehouse, we can safely store products upon request.

system-information From planning to execution, we own our in-house Orders and Inventory Management system that you will have access to!

APIAs well, we have developed our set of API to allow you to plug your system to ours and thus make your life easier!