About our system

Your back-end system is a treat compared to others I’ve had the misfortune to work with. If you wanted to invade […] and take over administration of my US logistics partner’s computer network to install such a system, I’d gladly join the attack. 🙂

A few notes from our clients in 2022

We have nothing but good things to say about Pick & Pack’s service. […]

It has been a pleasure to work with you this year. It has been tough working through these trying times and we appreciate you persevering. I have to say your service has been excellent. I look forward to working with you. […]

Working with PNP logistics has been a dream this year. We’d been bounced around between numerous fulfillment houses before finding you guys. PNP has been a delight to work with. […]

It has been great working with you and the Pick & Pack team. […]

Knight Works Games

“As an independent game publisher and an early adopter on Kickstarter, I have struggled since 2012 in many different areas. One of those areas has been fulfillment. However, I was excited to begin working with Pick & Pack which has been an outstanding fulfillment provider for me. Their online system is feature-rich and has more functionality than other companies that I have worked with. That by itself would be a great reason to work with the folks at Pick & Pack. But, the customer service and response time is where they truly shine. I cannot say enough about their values and service. I recommend them highly!”

Don Lloyd – Founder of Knight Works Games

Don Lloyd