“The Island of El Dorado” on its way to backers!

Happy Friday everyone ! TGIF !

To finish this week full of campaigns, here is another campaign we just finished fulfilling today !

The Island of El Corado from El Dorado Games

This campaign exceeded the initial goal of $27,500 ! Indeed, a total of 4,608 Backers pledged a total amount of $292,631!

In The Island of El Dorado, you are a brave explorer seeking to discover and control the island’s four Shrines. You’ll reveal a unique and challenging landscape every single time the game is played which will require you to adjust your strategy as you go. Managing resources and battling the other explorers, it’s a tense and explosive race to control the Shrines first!

If you experience any issue with your order, please feel free to reach out to us here.

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