We finished our very first Kickstarter campaign !

Like we say in our “home” country – CHAMPAGNE !

We just finished fulfilling our very first Kickstarter campaign and we are very proud to share the news !

The Canadian publisher Vesuvius Media trusted us to fulfill one of their latest successful Kickstarter campagin – MonstroCiy! A total of 937 backers invested in this project and have been eager to start playing this game and we understand why!

MonstroCity is a fully co-operative, dice rolling, real-time, city-smashing game for 1 to 4 players. Players assume the role of monsters, forming a squad, sent to level the secret base of Dr. Spotnik and foil his plans to conquer the world! If you missed the campaign on Kickstarter, don’t worry you can still buy it from their website.

If you are a Canadian backer and haven’t received your email confirmation including your tracking number, please reach out to us here.

Pick & Pack Team

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